June 22, 2009

Exotic Fieros

Fiero replicas - exotic looking sporty cars

The Fiero Mera - the most common 'kit car'.
Note the stock 1986/7 Fiero GT wheels & interior!

A Fiero-based Pantera replica

A Fiero-based Enterra replica

A Fiero-based Ford GT replica

Some Fiero-based Ferrrari replicas - now we're getting serious!

Some Fiero-based Lamborghini replicas - now we're getting ridiculous!

The innovative Fiero space-frame design and chassis lent itself to all kinds of creative interpretations. Aftermarket retailers created a variety of body kits that could turn a lowly Fiero into an exotic looking sports car. The key word here is 'looking'. The factory body panels could simply be unattached in a few minutes (which made repairing these cars very easy) and replaced by those from the kit manufacturer. Often the replica was built from a used Fiero that also had an engine-swap. The engine compartment was designed to accommodate a larger engine (which is why the factory V6 fit so well). I've seen Fieros that had 3.4L V6s from GM's mid-size cars (from a Grand Prix), 3.8L V6s (from a Firebird), or even Northstar V8s (from a Cadillac) installed in a Fiero. Most people who spent the money on one of these kits wanted a powerful engine too. But (and there's always a but) keep it mind the rest of the car was created from GM's 'parts bin' Late model 1987 GTs and 1988 GTs, Formulas, and Coupes had significant suspension improvements. Most fans mistakenly believe that the 1988 model was the only one to have the major performance improvements - but like everything else about the Fiero, Pontiac gradually introduced improvements designed to turn the Fiero into a real sports car. It was a classic case of "too little too late". Only the 1988 Coupe had significant suspension changes; many of the improvements to the GT were introduced along with the new body style and 5-speed Getrag transmission in 1987 (except for the monochrome paint treatment and different front/rear wheels and tires). SO.... while a Fiero-based kit car may look like an exotic foreign sports car at a distance; it may actually have the suspension of a Chevette. (No, not a Corvette)
Still they are fun to look at and every so often one appears on Autotrader or eBay when the owner doesn't know what to do with it anymore. Usually they appear at Fiero enthusiast shows and everybody gawks at them, but I wouldn't consider this a collectible car. In fact, most auto 'experts' do not consider ANY Fiero to be a collector's car - at least not yet. They are not classic Corvettes or even Mustangs. But (here we go again) they were unusual and produced in limited numbers (especially the 1988 GTs) due to declining sales. And it was an unusually innovative product from General Motors; not known for being innovative. So I believe the time will come when the Fiero gets the respect from car collectors that it should. Prices for 1988 GTs in showroom condition with under 15K miles have reached the 5 figure range - which was unheard of just a few years ago. Considering a fully-loaded GT with T-Tops topped at about $15K; its amazing that some people are asking that much for a used one today. And then there are some that time forgot.....

In 2010, a dealer was advertising this 'brand new' never-titled Fiero GT for $40,000 WOW!


  1. Has anyone seen this site for GM car and truck parts ? Will they still be open?

  2. As of January 2010, this site was still operating. New Fiero parts are getting harder to find all the time. OEM parts that I know of that are unavailable: LOF windshields, rear plexiglass sail panels, rear GT taillamp covers, '87 emblem wheel center caps, stock aluminum wheels, Goodyear Eagle GT+4 tires in the correct size. Afermarket substitutes are usually still available. The Fiero Store still has a large stock of many replacement parts, but other online suppliers seem to be closing.

  3. Don't know if you are still looking for an Indy Fiero but here's on in Simi Valley...